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The key to GT Lock & Key's success is the close relationships we've forged with leading manufacturers. This allows us to offer quality security hardware and master locksmith services at competitive prices. From everything needed to repair doors after an intrusion, to combination coded access control, we guarantee we have what it takes to secure your premises.
No job is too big or too small. For non-urgent locksmith services in Alice Springs and the surrounding region, please fill in our enquiry form.
Products we stock
Keys cut for cars, motorbikes, trucks, homes, sheds, windows, offices and letterboxes.
New locks or faulty locks fixed and replaced.
Automotive transponder keys
Vehicle keys cut and recoded for all makes and models of vehicles.
Restricted master key systems
Restricted duplicate keys can be given to a selected few and can't be copied without authorisation.
Key, electronic keypad and combination safes supplied and installed underfloor or bolted.
New keys for padlocks and padlocks for every need, from suitcases to gates.
Digital locks
A cost-effective solutions for combination coded access control where allocation of keys and swipe cards are impractical. Often used in hospitals, restaurants and banks.
Heavy duty locks to ensure your premises is secure and deters intruders for complete peace of mind.
Door closers
The addition of doors closers ensures your doors automatically shut after being opened. Suitable for increased security, fire control and privacy.
Door hinges
Replacement hinges for doors when broken or removed.
Door seals
Cleverly designed to cover the gap between the floor and the door to prevent unauthorised access.